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Our article today is about download whatsapp desktop for windows and MacOs, especially A lot of whatsapp users tend to use whatsapp desktop, whether at work or files transfer. Therefore, we will discuss whatsapp desktop in details, and provide download links at the end of article.

About Download whatsapp desktop

After the big spread of whatsapp app around the world, the need of desktop version began to appear. So, the company developed a desktop whatsapp version and today the total users of wahtsapp services reached more than 2 billion users around the world.

Download whatsapp desktop Pros

1-Security and Privacy

All your messages on whatsapp desktop are encrypted with “End-to-End encryption” feature meaning all your messages with the second party are encrypted, thus there is no any third party can see them, including whatsapp employees themselves.

2- Supporting Windows and Mac operating systems and Whatsapp web

You can download whatsapp desktop for Windows or Mac with the most of their different version, in addition you can open whatsapp directly in the browser through “Whatsapp web” feature.

3- Supporting most languages around the world

WhatsApp desktop supports the most of international languages, therefore regardless of your country and your language, the program will definitely support your language, including English, Turkish, French, Arabic, etc.

Easy messaging
Easy messaging

4- Whatsapp desktop provides recording voice messages, making video calls and chatting completely free

After download whatsapp desktop on your device, you can freely use all its services free, including: Chatting, making video calls, recording voices messages, etc.

Sending different files types
Sending different files types

5- The app supports sending and receiving most types of files

The app supports sending and receiving most types of files such as: photos, documents, contacts, maps, files, etc.

Short voice messages for easier connection
Short voice messages for easier connection

6- Voices messages for faster chatting & Emoji sending in the chat

You can use voices messages for faster chatting, in addition the app provides hundreds of funny faces (Emoji) renewed constantly.

Different chat settings
Different chat settings

7- Additional chat features

After download whatsapp desktop on your devices, you will have several chatting settings as follows:

  • “Mute notifications” option.
  • “Clear messages” option.
  • “Contact info” option.
  • “Select messages” option.
  • “Delete chat” option.

Download whatsapp desktop Cons

After download whatsapp desktop on the computer, we didn’t notice any apparent problem, therefore if you were faced any disadvantages, it would be based on your personal experience of each user.

Download whatsapp desktop free steps via direct links

1- First, download whatsapp program via the following links according to the operating system:

After the download process is over, open the file and choose “Next”, then “install”, and so on Whatsapp program is ready to use.

Scanning the barcode to use Whatsapp on your computer
Scanning the barcode to use Whatsapp on your computer

2- If you want to open whatsapp web follow the next steps:

  • Got to whatsapp web
  • Scan the barcode through your whatsapp app on the phone or desktop. (As shown in the photo above.
  • Whatsapp web page will open without Registration.


If you are still reading the article until here, we want to send special thank you and we hope that the article about download whatsapp dekstop was informative and beneficial for you. Finally, please do not hesitate to ask any questions and we will answer you back as soon as possible.

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