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Explanation of the best caller identification application Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the distinguished applications that has become on all phones and has contributed greatly to the ability to identify the owners of unknown numbers with the ability to access any information on the caller number The number of the application user reached 300 million users around the world and the application has now become the most successful in the field of numbers detection and a lot of People use the app.

Features of downloading and updating Truecaller with a direct link

 a wonderful program for identifying the caller:

Direct download  Truecaller - Caller ID & Block
True caller
Anonymous number explorer
  • Contact install feature:

To activate the service, go to the widgets and choose Truecaller . Once the screen is pulled out, the numbers you have contacted recently appear so that you can easily access them without entering the program panel itself.

  • Contact install feature:

It enables you to install the number of your favorite friends on the top bar for quick access.

  • Undo sending the message:

With this feature, you can prevent the message from reaching through the undo button to the right of the message you sent.

  • Send flash message:

These are short messages that show a welcome form or express how you feel that can be sent to friends on Truecaller

  • The possibility of changing the appearance of the program's interface:

It enables you to change the external appearance of the program by going to the settings and choosing the appearance, then you choose the style, and then more options appear.

  •  Solve the problem of duplicating names:  

By clicking on three points at the top of the program screen and choosing the number category.

  • Block numbers and calls without the Internet:

By entering a ban and then pressing Go after that, the program automatically blocks the annoying numbers.

  • Annoying number keeping service:

That annoys many users, numbers are automatically saved and prevented from calling you again.

  • The ability to search for anyone:

By entering in the number, address or name and then clicking on Search.

  • The possibility of deleting your number from the application:

To prevent inconvenience by logging on to the main Truecaller website, then put the number on the site and choose the reason, then delete, so that your number has not appeared in the search at all.

  • Invite friends to get a free upgrade account:

This feature makes you take advantage of the capabilities found in the Premium account, the more you invite your friends, the more you benefit from many advantages that are not present in the regular account.

  • Select data:

You can enter the program setup and choose General and then the Privacy Center and then choose who you want to view your profile data.

You can also download the Truecaller app

the latest version from the official website,  or from a direct download link above

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