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There are many fans of original Whatsapp, but some of them see that it lacks a lot of additional features, so a lot of modified whats apps are appeared to lock this gap, such as: download OG Whatsapp , Red whatsapp , GB whatsapp, etc.

But today, we will focus on download OG whatsapp , in addition how to download and install the app step by step.

Download OG Whatsapp

1. Download og whats app with easy to use interface

Og app has attractive interface, actually it’s the same one in original whats app with the default features like: Chat screen, Pop-up notifications, widgets, media sharing and other default options.

Dynamic theme store

2. Dynamic Theme Store

When download og whats app APK on your device, you can enjoy a lot of dynamic themes in the store. Thus, you can customize your app as you want.


Self destructive message

3. Self-Destructive Message feature

This features allows you to send a private and destructive message while your friend read it, this means you can delete or disappear wrong or unwanted sent message even if your friend read it.

locate your friends

4. You can locate your friend after download OG Whats app

This feature allows you to get your friend’s location easily.

DIY Theme

5. DIY Theme feature

DIY Theme feature allows you to customize your theme as you want, thus you can make the appearance of your og whatsapp as you like.

chat privacy & security

6. Chat privacy & security

This feature will be available after download og whats app apk , it allows you to control of chat, such as: hide last seen, see deleted messages, etc.

Auto translation message

7. Download OG app and enjoy auto translation message

This feature is very important if you usually talks with people around the world with different language, thus Auto Translation message feature can translate the chat automatically without any third party app.

chat lock & DND Mode

8. Chat Lock & DND Mode

You download OG whatsapp apk , then you need to protect your privacy, this features allows you to hide your secret chats from the main screen, so if any one hold your device and enter OG whatsapp apk , he/she will not enable to find your secret chats.

9. Privacy and security features

There are other features, you can enable or disable it via the bundle, in “privacy and security” section as follows:

- 3 features in “general” category: Hide Last seen, Disable forwarded, and who can call me?

- 2 features in “Status” category: Hide view status, and Anti-Delete status.

- 5 features in “Chats” category: Anto-delete message (for you), Show Blue ticks after reply, Contacts, Groups, and Broadcast.

download og whatsapp

10. Universal settings

 There are other features, you can enable or disable it via the bundle, in “universal settings” section as follows:

- 6 features in “Media” category: send photos in best quality (up to 100 million pixels), Increase send media / status MB limit (send photos, videos, audios and status up to 80 MB), Send 5-minutes status, Disable media share limit, Send status in best quality, and Hide media from gallery (photos or videos or GIFS).

- 3 features in “Others” category: Turn On chat heads, increase forward messages limit (up to 300 chats), and send self-destructive message.

- “Style” category: Emoji variants.

Download OG Whatsapp

1- The app is unofficial: the only negativity of OG app being unofficial, therefore there may be some problems related to privacy and user data protection, however it’s considered as one of the well-known and safe whatsapp versions, so it’s somewhat safe.

How to download and install OG Whatsapp step by step with pics

First step: you have to make a backup ofcurrent whatsapp

version before install the new whatsapp through following the next 6 steps:

Step 1

  1. Go to “Settings”, then choose “About Phone” option as shown above.

Step 2

  1. Choose “backup and restore” option.

step 3

  1. Choose where you want to save your back up (computer, phone or cloud service), in this case, we chose “Mobile device” option.

step 4

  1. Choose “Whatsapp” option, then “Back up” option.

step 5

step 6

  1. Wait until Back up process is done 100%, then choose “finish” option
  2. Download OG Whats app apk and follow the next step.

Second step: After Download OG Whatsapp APK , then install and open it and follow these 3 steps:

Step 7

1- Choose “Agree and Restore”, to get whatsapp data backed up in the first step.

step 8

2- Choose “whatsapp” file if you saved your back up on your phone (local file), or you can choose “cloud service” if you saved your back up on any cloud service such as: MEGA or Dropbox, etc.

step 9

3- Enter your phone number and verify it via SMS code sent to you.


Our article has ended here, so let’s summarize our talk, we recognized How to download OG whatsapp apk and install it on your phone device, in addition to we mentioned top PRO OG whatsapp.

Finally, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or give us any suggestions in comments, we will answer you back as soon as possible.

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